From Italian ports begins a transformation process for freight, containers, and vehicles, leaving space for a dyna-mic integration of a variety of tran-sportation methods, by many de-fined as an “integrated logistics chain”. In this light, logistics servi-ces, for naval companies and large industrial groups, become an im-portant element of competitive-ness, capable of affecting strategic choices and developmental strate-gies. Making a difference are the avant-garde services and persona-lised solutions capable of guaran-teeing, with one single service, the entire operative cycle from move-ment to storage and delivery of goods.

All of this is now Trans Isole Srl, working for three generations in “opening the road to Europe” to companies who, from the South of Italia are looking to cross national borders. Working in the industry for this family of entrepreneurs began in the 1950s, when Michele Spighetto used horses to transport goods from farmers’ fields to the general market. With the founda-tion of the first manufacturing in-dustries, his son, Antonio decided to give the business some structu-re and invested in his first vehicle, and in a few years found himself managing a fleet of 10 motor vehi-cles and 40 trailers. This was this beginning of a success story, whi-ch has as a fundamental step in its evolution, the conversion from motor vehicles to lorries to start to what is now the strategic goal of lo-gistics businesses: intermodal tran-sport.

Trans Isole Srl has kept in-tact over the years its strong family connection, reaching the top in transport & logistics in a vast ran-ge of goods industries, special and oversize transports, Adr, and inter-modal maritime transport, through to distribution of goods across Eu-rope and services such as groupa-ge, freight deposit and pallet ma-nagement. Its strength can be seen in the name of the company: “Trans Isole”. Historically the company from Campagna always guarante-ed connections with Sardegna and Sicilia, connecting the ports of Na-poli, Palermo and Cagliari in part-nership first with Tirrenia and now with Grimaldi Lines, who recently inaugurated a new route to Va-lencia and the Spanish peninsula, improving and expanding its ope-rating radius. The services created by the company’s analysis & rese-arch team come from the know-how acquired over more than half a century of work, perfected over the last few years through the use of new generation technology, strongly geared towards environ-mental sustainability.

Today, Trans Isole is capable of monitoring the transported product in every mo-ment, from the first to the last mi-le, allowing clients to know the exact position of their shipment. The entire fleet, made up of a very modern and efficient fleet of over 2.000 vehicles, including Lng fuelled lorries, is equipped with a tracking system constantly in con-nection with the opera-tion centre in which works a multi-lingual customer services team, working to immediately resolve any problems which may arise.

Foresightedness in choices, strict rules and transparen-cy in their work have always been at the base of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Spighetto family. “Italian entrepreneurs, in addition to having a that something extra, ha-ve a sense of responsibility and create businesses that work. If to-day the Italian system can still ta-ke advantage of these types of pe-ople, it must be thankful to them, work side by si-de with them, because the-se are the people and fami-lies which have written the entrepreneurial history of Italia and can still provide a great contribution for the growth of the country. Those who believe in these values, creating jobs and wellbeing for others, must be gi-ven more respect.”