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fleet, truck and vehicles of transport

The Company has a large fleet of owned vehicles, composed of a fleet of innumerable vehicles (including tractors, engines and semi-trailers) specifically dedicated to the various operating characteristics (flatbed, tarpaulin, vans, insulated, etc.) with various capacities of load that allow to transport raw materials, semi-finished and finished products of any type of product.
Trans Isole is able to transport any type of goods, without any kind of exclusion (with the exception of the chemist): feeding on platforms, liquid and loose, metallurgical, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, exceptional transport, scrap, ADR goods, cement, pvc, anhydride, loose with rear and side tipper.

Container Carriers

Tipper semi-trailers of 30 feet suitable for container transport, waste category 1/4/5 (ADR), complying with IMO resolution for intermodal services

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Bilateral tipper semitrailers equipped with hydraulic sides suitable for the transport of ferrous scrap and iron derivatives

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Truck tanks

Single tank in stainless steel or aluminum, with rear overturning, equipped with a hydraulic cover

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Based Boxes

Semi-trailers suitable for transporting building materials, equipment, metal structural work, iron and derivatives

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Reduced neck d’oca

Variable height tilted semi-trailers suitable for transporting large-volume machinery and goods

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For the transport of food, cement, lime, dust and ashes and complies with the HCCP regulation

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Semi-trailers with controlled temperature, equipped with thermo-recorder suitable for food transport, both fresh and dry

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Variable height tilt semitrailers

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Exceptional Transport

Semitrailers extendable up to a length of 24 meters with a transportable weight of up to 45 tons

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Mobile floors

Semi-trailers suitable for the transport of bulk goods with a low specific weight and the transport of waste category 1/4

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