Exceptional and special transport with elevators, autograms, trucks and staff specialized

Exceptional and special transports that require professionalism, accuracy and resources, achievable for any type of goods (with the exception of the chemist) and always with great benefits for customers.

Trans Isole do not stop in front of nothing!

The wide range of vehicles and the collaboration with carefully selected partners allows the Trans Islands to organize:

  • Exceptional transports by size or mass (out-of-shape loads and weight), with special low-floor trolleys and extendable trailers, with permanent permits, with technical stocks and regularly qualified and qualified personnel.
  • Special transports, or loads that in addition to shipping require additional services, such as loading / unloading operations.

Exceptional vehicles for exceptional transport

For this type of transport, Trans Isole is able to provide:

  • Forklifts of various sizes
  • Rubber and trestle crane trucks up to 300 tons
  • Telescopic crane trucks up to 650 tons that guarantee any type of movement and positioning
  • Trucks with tail lift
  • Porterage cooperatives

Info for our Transport, Logistic and Distribution services: