Specialists in sustainable logistics.

Transport with Euro 6 or LNG class vehicles.

Intermodal services for the abatement of CO2 emissions.

Sustainable logistics facilities thanks to alternative energy sources.

Trans Isole is constantly renewed to meet the ever-changing market needs.
The sustainability of logistics, in the context of intermodality, has today, at a particular moment, an increasingly fundamental importance.

The concept of “sustainable logistics” includes a series of technologies, procedures and activities that aim to reduce the environmental impact of the various links in the logistics chain, without penalizing the quality of service and economic profitability. In this sense, Trans Isole – which already arises from an idea of transversal service focused on the search for alternative routes through intermodal transport that guarantee the continuity of flows and the movement of goods with the utmost respect for environmental sustainability, but also with attention to cost reduction – is converting its operating logic from the type of transport on containers to the “trailing”.
In fact the use of traditional containers is slow and not very flexible and for this reason Trans Isole is increasingly oriented towards trailers. The goods, whatever their type, are moved by ship, no longer inside containers but on semitrailers, which guarantee more certain costs and content, greater safety for the product transported and flexibility in loading and unloading operations.

Proof of the results achieved to date, Trans Isole is projected towards the future with an eye towards continuous improvement through investments in quality. Quality which also means a sense of responsibility towards the territory and the environment.

Transport with Euro 6 or LNG class vehicles

Solar panels to cover the main deposits

It is known that road transport services contribute to compromising the quality of the environment. Precisely for this reason, in addition to the objectives of growth and development of the company, whenever Trans Isole managers make investment decisions, they try to pursue the goal of a low impact on the environment and its resources. Thus, the Company maintains its machinery and systems constantly updated on a technical level, to minimize harmful emissions and the level of noise pollution, and favors the choice of a type of maritime intermodal transport compared to the exclusive on-road to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

In this perspective, Trans Isole, in addition to the certifications for the quality management systems, environmental management and occupational health and safety systems it already has, has received the “Excellent company” award from the SME Observatory at Borsa Italian. This is a result achieved on the analysis of the last 4 years, which rewards companies that are able to achieve systematically better results than their sector in terms of growth, profitability and financial soundness, and to understand and investigate managerial strategies and practices.

Purification, recovery and re-use system with plants and washing

The importance of water recovery

Decanting treatment system – biological – filtration

Trans Isole highly values the recovery of water, a resource that is increasingly scarce on our territory, integrating a system for recovering and reusing water resources.
The water reuse system has been carefully planned, and designed in relation to the company and to the washing activity, in order to have the degree of elasticity commensurate with the requests, even immediate water. This system is based on a process of decantation, purification with an activated sludge system and filtration, intended for the treatment of industrial wastewater more specifically for the purification of waste water with a low organic load (such as those deriving from car washes).

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